• The Hotel in the late 19th century, in the west of the Ottoman Empire, wealthy merchants returned from North Africa and Asia Minor to build large mansions in Pelion.
    Construction 1884
  • With stone walls one meter thick, the Lotus Tree was built in 1884 by a smoker who was coming back from Egypt and was dwelled by his family until the great earthquake of 1953-4.
    Mansion reception
  • During the renovation of the site many books and magazines were discovered from the year of the earthquake, such as the magazine Elle, with the cover of famous artists such as Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando, and the magazine "Woman". These magazines are displayed everywhere in the Mansion as artwork along with other items such as authentic heavy wooden entrance doors.
    Historical magazines
  • Renovated with every detail and high standard, the Mansion is ready to welcome the visitors who will come to seek the unparalleled combination of sea, mountain, forest and water that offers the unique Pelion.
    Breakfast room
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