The beauty of Pelion

Pelion is hugged on one side by the Pagasetic Gulf and on the other by the Aegean Sea. In Pelion you will taste the fresh water from the cool fountains, you will enjoy the wonderful view, you will smell the wonderful nature you will enjoy the wonderful orange and red colors of the autumn of an unreal palette that will spread generously in front of you.

Paths, old churches, beaches with lush waters. From above, the villages of Pelion as balconies look at them. A weekend is not enough to fill it, but it is enough to love it forever.

Portaria is a destination for every season, both winter and summer. It is only 12 kilometers from the city of Volos and 13 kilometers from the ski resort of Pelion. It is built at an altitude of 650 meters around the monastery of Panagia Portaria, built in the 13th century. In Portaria the visitor can walk to the paths and cobbled streets and visit unique Byzantine churches and old monasteries.

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